10 Reasons why got the coronavirus vaccines so quickly without compromises

In March 2020٫ All experts predicted that the coronavirus vaccine will not be available for at least a year and a half. But but here we are after almost 11 months the vaccine is here. Not only one or two but three are available right now and more will be produced in the coming months.

I guess all of us did some googling about vaccines productionin in the onset of the pandemic and found out that developing a vaccine takes years. This speed at which the coronavirus vaccines have been authorized and produced shocked us and let the majority of us wondering about how effective these vaccines could be.

Here are 10 reasons why because of vaccine is out compromises

1/pandemic plans were already in place
Before covid-19 pandemic, scientist had an awareness that a worldwide public crisis of some kind will happen in coming years. And they were right so they utilized the technological capability to generate vaccines from the genes code of pathogens.

2/Chinese scientists identified the coronavirus early on

Professor Yong-Zhen Zhang in Shanghai and colleagues managed to obtain the genetic material from an early case, which allow them to discover the genetic sequence of RNA of the virus very quickly.

3/Substantial funding was generated immediately

Usually vaccine manufacturers approach government branches to provide them with money. This process in the past takes a lot of time but this time vaccine developers got an immediate access to substantial grants.

4/The clinical trial process was speeded up

Researchers were working and meeting all day long to speed up the protocols. Committees received applications, prioritised them and made decisions usually within 24 hours. Everyone redoubled their efforts to put these studies upfront.

5/vaccines trials started immediately

The manufacturers were already built the spaces where the trials are set to take place

6/Research data collected electronically

Clinical trials were slow to adapt with the technological advance and collecting data, because they feared glitches. They were using paper for the most of the job. Paper are reliable and even more believable but they are slow and error-prone.
Three ,four years prior the pandemic, manufacturers switched to the technological approach by collecting the data straightforward into computers and tablets in the clinics.

7/studies attracted a huge number of volunteers

Normally scientists spend a lot of energy and time to find and convince people to register their names for the trials. This time there was a massive public support and many volunteers wanted to help out.

8/trial have have yield rapid results

When the clinical trials started they needed cases of covid-19 and at that time most countries managed to control the spread of the virus resulting in fewer cases, the arrival of the second wave pushed the trials forward.

9/Early vaccines worked well

A vaccine that reduce small amounts of cases in a pandemic will be useful and the fact that the early vaccines have worked well has made it quicker to be much more certain about the strength of their protective effects

10/regulation took place while the studies were continuing

Usually after the trial finished scientists collect all the data and results in packages this process takes months. Then they send to the regulatory agencie (FDA) which they authorize a license for the drug or the vaccine following their review this process also takes months. The data sent to the regulatory agencies as they were being generated and they reviewed them while the studies were ongoing when the final results came in, those where only results left for the review process .The whole process took monster but the final process took few days.



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