How Microsoft turned the Xbox into a smartphone
release of the new Microsoft consoles (Series X,S) it’s quite different from any release in the gaming’s industry history.This is because these new consoles don’t have massive upgrades from the old ones.
Anyone who is lucky enough to buy Xbox series x or s will notice that the user experience is exactly the same as the old consoles. This like upgrading from 2019 iPhones to 2020 iPhones.
By following this approach Microsoft hopes to expand the Xbox users once the price of this new consoles is reduced. Then it profits from the new services within the Xbox ecosystem like The game pass.
Xbox now offers "All Access" package that include a subscription to its online services and the Xbox game pass. Which is a cloud gaming service that allow you to play Xbox titles and other games as long as your subscription is valid. It’s something like Netflix you can play any game at any time without the need to purchase each one alone. Furthermore more you can pick up were you left in any game in a different device (Pc/ Android).

Microsoft last September announced the user of The game pass exceeded 15 million users, and it expects this number to increase as well as the full launch of the game pass to Android and other devices.
Maybe in the near future most of the gaming companies will follow suit, make it easy for you for the players to get into their ecosystems and start playing. Other tech giants like Google and Apple already started to adopt this new change by launching Google stadia and apple arcade in the last year.
In case of Google they launch Google Stadia which is a cloud gaming service for Android and smart TVs. All you have to do to start playing is just a Stadia controller which is about 50 bucks and subscribe to Stadia which costs $10 and you already to play.



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