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What is Emotional Immaturity? And How it can affect your relationships!

In the first a few weeks of most relationships love and happiness are predominant and you think your partner is an angel fell from the sky just for you. Unfortunately this is not always true. After both of you get comfortable with each other some childish behaviors may start to emerge. One of these behaviors is emotional immaturity. and it is a situation in which a man or a woman is childish despite their age.

These behaviors can hinder the communication between both of you and disrupt what you have been building for a long time.

Here are six signs of emotional immaturity:

1/Shifting the blame

Emotionally immature are generally bad at apologizing and have the ability to steer the conversation against you and until you feel bad for just saying your own opinion.
Take what happened last month between my friends Adam and Jane as example:
Adam asked Jane if she could help him to clean the backyard, suddenly she started to yell at him saying she always the one who clean it and this time it’s his turn. Adam tried peacefully to talk with her, but she rushed to her room and slammed the door. Adam entered her room. she was using her phone. Adam gently took it from her and told her to listen to him. She immediately accused him of putting his hands on her (which he didn’t). He only took the phone because she wasn’t listening to his point of view. By this childish behavior she managed to take the focus from her and accusing Adam of putting his hands on her and make him feel guilty.

2/passive-aggressive communication:

Imagine asking your partner to go to a party next week, he or she tells you okay I am free at that time, but when the actual time comes he or she will an absurd excuse and will let you down. This is called passive aggressive communication and it is a bad for all kinds of relationships.

3/Using words to hurt:

this time picture two couples have a heated discussion and after they calmed and settled

One of them called the other dumb, crazy and mentally ill. These types of word hurt than any tense argument and especially if they have been said of after both parties have ended the argument.

4/Have a full control of your partner:

Emotionally immature are control freaks. They want to control every aspect of their other halves. How you workout, dress, whom you friend with, spend your money...etc. Don’t get me wrong here some control and care for your beloved one is necessary for the two of you, but if it exceeds certain limits it would be hard to live with it.

5/Obsessive jealousy

The same thing is applied for jealousy. Everyone should show some sort of jealousy towards their lover from time to time. Obsessive jealousy can be very bad.
Take this example:
Two couples John and Kate were driving one evening and they stopped at a traffic light, John’s colleague in work happen to be passing by and saw them. She waved hi to John, when they return home Kate went insane and call John a cheater.

6/Be the only thing in your partner’s life

Emotionally immatures want to be the one and only priority that there partner have. Being at the top list of your partner is good and important for healthy relationship. It become too annoying when you make your partner abandon his or her activity, family, friends and study.

All of us have some kind of flaw in them no one is perfect. We all have insecurities and childish behaviors that come to the surface from time to time, we should act and do our best in order to remove these behaviors so as to have healthy relationships with our friends family and partner.



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