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Why Herd Immunity Can’t Stop Coronavirus?

Countries across continents are still in some form of lockdown, Healthcare systems are working by their maximum power, Stock Markets have had their worst weeks since the finical crash in 2008, Sporting events and concerts have come to a halt. Basically Coronavirus is the first tragedy to disrupt the whole world since the world war 2.

When there is a disease has a very rapid ability of transmission. We have 3 options to stop it:

Restrictions to people movement and stop all unnecessary activities that include gathering of loads of people like metro stations, bars ,and offices. This shutdown must coincide with mass testing to identify the epicenters of the virus and provide healthcare workers there with all they need to fight the disease.


The Vaccine is the most powerful weapon owns by humanity against viral infections, but unfortunately its developing takes a lot of time .If we are lucky and it came in 2021 it will be the fastest vaccine to be discovered.

Herd Immunity

What’s Herd Immunity?

Herd immunity happens when so many people in a community become immune to an infectious disease that it stops the disease from spreading in that community.

The goal of herd immunity is to prevent others from catching or spreading infectious diseases.

It can happen in two ways:

1-Many people contract the disease and build up an immune response to it.

2-Many people are vaccinated against the disease to achieve immunity.

The percentage of people that must have immunity to safely slow or stop an the disease is called “herd immunity threshold.” for Covid-19 the threshold is about 60℅ of the population.

Why Herd Immunity is a fatal strategy?

Let’s say there is a country with nearly 66 million people. 40 million people have to be infected with virus to reach herd Immunity threshold and according to World Health Oganization, 80% of cases show mild symptoms and don’t even need to go to hospitals and this about 32 million people from the 40 million.

The rest of the cases (8 million people) will have a very serious symptoms and half of them (4 million people) will need to be in hospitals immediately and this will put an immense pressure on the medical system of this country with 4 million people rushing to hospitals in the same period.

Why Herd Immunity Can’t Stop Coronavirus?

  • Until now scientists don’t know whether the convalescents can catch the virus again and get sick or they have developed Immunity against it.
  • Adults over 60 and those with an underlying health condition or a compromised immune system are the most vulnerable group to Covid-19.
  • Even people above 20 aren’t completely safe against. The virus can be a real threat if they don’t take care of their health.
  • Hospitals and the entire Healthcare system may collapse, especially in developing countries if the number of patients started to increase sharply in the timeframe.



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